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  • Coconut and passion fruit, so I can feel in a tropical island

    Coconut and passion fruit, so I can feel in a tropical island

    Surviving autumn

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  • In the northern hemisphere, we are in autumn already and in the UK they changed the time as well, so with all this, I started my winter depression. That is how I call it, I have a lot let energy than in spring and summer. Maybe it is having less daylight, the cold and being away from my family, which by the way they are in spring (while I am writing this I realize maybe this is all just jealousy because they have nice weather and I am freezing over here).

    So to get over this “depression state” I decided to do a tart that made me feel like in a Caribbean island. I personally prefer cooking with more seasonal ingredients, but sadly it is never coconut or passion fruit season in the UK, so I decided to skip the rules a little bit and I bought fruit purees.

    I baked a chocolate sweet pastry, very basic and then I did an anglaise cream for the passion fruit, with juice and on top I placed the coconut mousse glazed, the coconut mousse I did it with Malibu ®, and to finish it off I decorated with some coconut shavings. 

    It is a nice flavor combination and the mousse is one of my favorites, really smooth and aired, which makes it the perfect dessert for summer days, but in my case, it is also perfect for sad cold days in the UK. 

    Coconut and passion fruit tart

    Preparation time: 2 hours (plus 8 hours of refrigeration)
    Servings: 8 portions


    Chocolate sweet pastry

    • 125 g unsalted butter
    • 80 g icing sugar
    • 2 egg yolks
    • 15 g milk or single cream
    • 2 g Maldon salt 
    • 210 g flour
    • 25 g powder cocoa

    Coconut mousse

    • 10 g gelatine
    • 60 g water for the gelatine
    • 500 g coconut puree
    • 15 g Malibu ®
    • 90 g egg whites
    • 100 g sugar
    • 250 g cream

    Passion fruit cream

    • 250 g passion fruit juice
    • 250 g eggs
    • 140 g caster sugar
    • 250 g butter at room temperature

    White mirror glaze 

    • 75 g water 
    • 150 g caster sugar
    • 150 g glucose
    • 100 g cream 35% fat
    • 10 g gelatin leaf
    • 150 g white chocolate 
    • White colorant (titanium dioxide)


    Chocolate sweet pastry

    1. In a bowl mix the butter in cubes with sugar, once it is all incorporated add the egg yolks, the milk, and the salt, mix well with the hands or a mixer with the pallet hook.
    2. Pass the flour and cocoa powder through a sieve and incorporate as well to the mix, once it is homogeneous cover with clingfilm y refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours.
    3. Line a tray with baking paper and with a tart ring of 8 cm diameter, bake at 170ºC for 20 minutes or until it is golden brown.

    Coconut mousse

    1. Hydrate the gelatin in cold water, heat one-third of the coconut puree and add the gelatin. Once it is all well mixed add the rest of the coconut puree and the Malibu ®.
    2. In another bowl whip the egg whites and add progressively the sugar until you have a meringue, incorporate to the meringue the coconut mix, then whip the cream and incorporate with a spatula to the mix very carefully.
    3. Put the mousse in a pipping bag and cover a silicon mold with the mousse, freeze for a minimum of 8 hours. 

    Passion fruit cream 

    1. Boil the passion fruit juice.
    2. Whip the eggs, pour the juice on top of the eggs slowly, take back to the pan and bring it up to 90ºC (always whisking)
    3. Cool down the mix and add the butter cut in cubes, pass the mix and emulsify with a hand blender. Cover it in contact and chill.
    4. Once the tarts are baked and ready, with a pipping bag fill the tarts and chill.

    White mirror glaze 

    1. Hidrate the gelatin in abundant cold water, boil water, sugar and glucose. Pour on top of the chocolate and the cream, add the gelatin takes the excess water and mix with a hand blender, being careful to not add any air. 
    2. Add the white colorant, cover with clingfilm to the touch and let it cool down to 35ºC.
    3. Take the mousse out of the freezer and glaze it, put on top of the tarts filled with passion fruit cream. Chill in the fridge for 3 hours, before enjoying them.
    4. They last 3 days in a sealed container in the fridge.

    Posted on 3 de November, 2019.

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